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Welcome to the budget page for the Danville Water Treatment Plant. This page will include detailed information on where the money is spent.

Due to the nature of construction projects, the final price tag will not be entirely known until construction is completed. However, estimates on the project cost have been completed and more detailed estimates on the various process upgrades and improvements are being completed as part of the preliminary engineering phase.

Outlined below are the estimates and the time when completed.

September 2011:

Construction Budget Estimates
Construction Item
Raw Water Intake and Pumping Station
Chemical Feed and Storage Building
Clarification System w/ Lamella Plate Settlers
Gravity Granular Media Filtration
Pumping Facilities
Demolition of Existing Basins
Renovation of Existing Filter Building
Advanced/Enhanced Treatment Process
Construction Total


Project Budget Estimates
Project Item
Resident Representation During Construction
BGADD Funding Assistance
Proposed Project Contingency
Proposed Preliminary Budget